Sally Seltmann is the award-winning Australian singer / songwriter behind
intoxicating albums such as ‘Hey Daydreamer’, ‘Heart That’s Pounding’,
‘Somewhere, anywhere.’ and ‘The Last Beautiful Day’. She is the co-writer
of the hit song ‘1234’, performed by Feist. Sally Seltmann previously
performed under the name New Buffalo, and is a member of Seeker Lover

After recently performing with her band at the NGV as part of the Andy
Warhol / Ai Wei Wei exhibition, Sally is back with a new single ‘Dancing In
The Darkness’. Written with and produced by her husband Darren
Seltmann, ‘Dancing In The Darkness’ is a beautiful ode to honoring the
darker side of your psyche. ‘Dancing in the Darkness’ featured in the pilot for
the ABC TV show The Letdown, along with a full score by Darren and
Sally Seltmann.

In early 2016 Sally released her side project Alphabet Botanical’s debut EP,
which features the songs ‘We’re Starting Something’ and ‘Hey Go Go’.
In songwriting news, Sally Seltmann co-wrote Rachel Platten’s ‘Better Place’
which was released as the third single from her album ‘Wildfire’, which peaked
in the US Billboard 200 charts at number 5. Sally Seltmann is currently
writing songs with Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) for Susanna’s upcoming
solo project.

In January 2015 Sally launched her new independent record label Three Of
Hearts. To coincide with the announcement, she released a single called ‘We
Are The Music’. The song premiered on the US website Idolator.com, and
they described the track as a ‘dreamy pop anthem’.

In February 2014 Sally Seltmann released her fourth studio album ‘Hey
Daydreamer’. Produced with her husband Darren Seltmann, ‘Hey
Daydreamer’ premiered on American Songwriter.com. The album was
released in North America through Arts & Crafts, in the UK / Europe through
Lojinx, in Australia through Caroline, and in Japan through Rallye. Rolling
Stone described the album as ‘a beguiling listen, a pop album with a vibrant
twist, embellished by dream-like string arrangements’, and Mojo magazine
gave the album a glowing 4 star review. Shortly after the release of ‘Hey
Daydreamer’ Sally toured Australia, followed by intimate performances at
Rockwood Music Hall in New York, and Largo in Los Angeles.

Previous to this Sally formed a band called Seeker Lover Keeper with fellow
Australian singer-songwriters Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby. In 2011
Seeker Lover Keeper’s debut self-titled album peaked in the Australian ARIA
charts at number 3. Recorded in New York, the album features Jim White
(Dirty Three) on drums. The band’s song ‘Even Though I’m A
Woman’ (penned by Sally) hit number 17 on Triple J’s hottest 100. Soon
after the albums release, Seeker Lover Keeper enjoyed a successful tour
across Australia, followed by a sold out Heavenly Sounds tour.

In 2010 Sally released her solo album ‘Heart That’s Pounding’. The album
was co-produced with Francois Tetaz (Gotye), and the first single ‘Harmony
To My Heartbeat’ was Song Of The Day on NPR. Indie Rock Reviews
described the album as “a perfect blend of intelligent lyrics, Seltmann’s
gorgeous voice and some amazing instrumentation”. ‘Heart That’s Pounding’
was released in Australia, North America (through Arts & Crafts), and Japan.
To coincide with it’s release, Sally toured across Australia and the US, which
included performances at Splendour in The Grass, Woodford Folk Festival,
and at SXSW. ‘Heart That’s Pounding’ was short listed for The Australian
Music Prize in 2011.

The title track for the album featured in the Australian TV show ‘Offspring’,
and ‘Dream About Changing’ featured in the US TV shows ‘Teen Wolf’ and

Before Sally Seltmann released albums under her own name, she went by the
name New Buffalo. Her second album as New Buffalo was released in 2007.
Titled ‘Somewhere, anywhere’, the album won the MySpace Public Vote
Award in 2007, which was part of the Australian Music Prize. ‘Somewhere,
anywhere’ was also short-listed for the Australian Music Prize in 2007.
Written, recorded and produced by Sally in her backyard studio, ‘Somewhere,
anywhere’ was also nominated for an ARIA award in the Adult Contemporary

The album’s first single ‘Cheer Me Up Thank You’ featured on Greys
Anatomy, and Bon Iver covered the song ‘Emotional Champ’ during one of
his live performances. ‘Emotional Champ also featured in the film ‘Gardens
Of The Night’. On the back of releasing ‘Somewhere, anywhere’, New Buffalo
toured headlining shows around Australia, as well as supporting Paul Kelly
and Missy Higgins on a national tour.

Sally Seltmann’s debut album as New Buffalo ‘The Last Beautiful Day’ was
released in 2004 and received glowing reviews worldwide, with both The New
York Times and UNCUT magazine describing it as ‘intoxicating’.
Written, arranged and produced by Sally, the album features performances
from Beth Orton and Dirty Three’s Jim White. ‘The Last Beautiful Day’ was
feature album of the week on Australia radio stations JJJ, RRR and FBI.

Previous to this, Sally released her debut New Buffalo EP ‘About Last
Night’. The 5 song EP was produced by her husband Darren Seltmann, and
was released on Modular in Australia, and on Heavenly in the UK / Europe.
Vintage keyboards, samples and electronic beats feature prominently, with
Sally’s dreamy vocals on top. Following on form it’s release Sally featured in a
full-page article in ID Magazine, where they described New Buffalo’s sound
as ’Suzanne Vega on downers’.

As well as recording and performing her own music, Sally has also had
success with writing songs for other artists. Sally co-wrote Feist’s Billboard
Hot 100 top 10 hit ‘1234’, which was originally titled ‘Sally’s Song’. ‘1234’ was
nominated for two Grammy awards in the categories of Best Female Pop
Vocal Performance, and Best Short Form Music Video, and Sally won
Breakthrough Song Writer of The Year at The Australian APRA music

Sally also co-wrote the song ‘Confusing Happiness’ which features on Lofang’s
2014 album Blue Film. In 2010 Sally co-wrote the song ‘Feeling Of
Being’ with Lucy Schwartz, and Lucy’s recording of the song is featured in
the film ‘What Maisie Knew’. In 2009 Sally was invited to co-write and
provide vocals for the track ‘The Recipe Song’ by Japanese artist Milk. The
song featured in an Orico commercial in Japan in early 2015.

Sally Seltmann formed a side project in 2011 called Alphabet Botanical.
Alphabet Botanical is a collective under whom she writes and records with
various artists including Tim Myers, Greta Morgan and Ben Lee. Alphabet
Botanical songs have featured in the US TV shows The Lying Game, and
Unforgettable, as well as US Target commercials, and a US nation wide
campaign for Hamptons Inn.

Sally Seltmann has toured with various artists including Cat Power, Broken
Social Scene, Feist, Stars, Bright Eyes, Bon Iver , Ben Lee, Architecture In
Helsinki and Paul Kelly.



“Bursting with sweetness, light and vintage pop songs.”

‘The 10 Most Exciting Artists Now.’

“A stunning, self-assured piece of pop.”