Sydney Morning Herald, May 2016

Quote: “Sally Seltmann is back from Los Angeles but her life is very trans-Pacific.”

Fashion Journal, May 2016

Quote: “It’s an introspective hero song about honoring the beauty in your own madness.”

Art Felicis, May 2016

Quote: “This song is a homage to Sally Seltmann’s dreamy, dreamy voice.”

Refinery 29

Quote: “Sally Seltmann’s ‘Billy’ remix is what refreshing sounds like.”


4 Stars
Quote: ‘Cool intelligent songs, quirkily orchestrated, sung in a clipped, chaste vocal’

Sydney Morning Herald

Quote: ‘Sally Seltmann tends to influence other more than she realises.’

Rolling Stone

Quote: ‘Hey Daydreamer is a beguiling listen, a pop album with a vibrant twist, embellished by dream-like string arrangements, horns and percussion.’


Quote: ‘Imagine the bubbly soundtrack to a mermaid fantasy movie and you’ve probably hit the nail on the sweet, tuneful head…’


Quote: ‘A pretty and unique record (and pretty unique too.) Hey Daydreamer works on all levels…’

Maximum Ink

Quote: ‘Spring-loaded poems nurturing jump rope jaunts and lavish magical lullabies through spotless chamber pop chops, Seltmann’s ambitious wishes and sparkling self-reflection colours the greyest days…’

The AU Review

8.5 out of 10
Quote: ‘Hey Daydreamer…is a treasure, stuffed full of indie pop gems.’

The Brag

4 stars
Quote: ‘Seltmann has crafted songs of witty stories and characters with a sound that sweeps you up, and before long you’re lost in the album’.

Renowned For Sound

4 stars
Quote: ‘Sally manages to create various sceneries throughout the album, with flourishing melodies on a number of instruments surrounding her gorgeous voice.’

Music Feeds

Quote: ‘Hey Daydreamer never sounds frosty, instead it feels like creeping sunlight, masterfully created and delivered with heart on sleeve.’

The Brag – Live Show Review

Quote: ‘…Seltmann shines in what she does.’

Zap Town

Quote: “Want to know what Heart That’s Pounding sounds like? Close your eyes and don’t open them for years. Then open them and look amongst a field full of wildflowers and rolling hills. Watch the clouds float by beneath a bright blue sky. This is what Heart That’s Pounding sounds like.”

Indie Rock Reviews

Quote: “This one is definitely going to remain on my iPod/iTunes Library forever. It’s a classic.”

Indie Rock Reviews

Quote: “I was obsessed with what makes a song a ‘classic’ song, that lots of people can relate to.”

Washington City Paper

Quote: “The album is a huge leap forward.”

Time Out

Quote: “Seltmann’s clearly been thrashing her 1967-era Fabs of late, with arrangements worthy of George Martin at his most playful.”

Chart Attack

Quote: “I think of how Feist changed my song and that made me more open to reworking songs and making them different.”

Paste Magazine

Quote: “… a testimony to The Ronettes.”

Self-Titled Mag

Quote: “The confidence shows.”

Direct Current

Quote: “…beats with an ambitious and unabashedly sunny charm.”


Quote: “Third full-length from the Australian singer-songwriter formerly known as New Buffalo. She co-wrote Feist’s ‘1234’, which you may have heard at some point.”



Quote: “…brings to mind Belle and Sebastian at their most ’60s-pop-influenced.”

Mess + Noise

Quote: “Sparse percussion, muted keys, breathy vocals – these are the unassuming foundations upon which Sally Seltmann’s wall of sound is built.”


Quote: “Unconventional approaches to writing and recording music are paying off for singer songwriter Sally Seltmann.”

The Daily Telegraph

Quote: “As diverse and soulful as her musical style, this singer’s compilation of paraphernalia is a medley of optimistic, fun and sentimental elements.”