River River, from The Vast album

Photo by Rachael Cassells

Sally’s new song RIVER RIVER is out today! She wrote and recorded it in the Pilbara, WA whilst camping out with a group of artists and singer-songwriters. River River features Olympia and Ro on vocals, Paul Dempsey on guitar and Al Healy on drums. The song was recorded by legend Anna Laverty in #bajinhurrba late at night, under a huge starry sky, and beside an awe inspiring river, which travelled beside the ghost town in which we camped, and opened up to the Indian Ocean. The song features on the Vast album with songs written and performed by the other incredible artists who joined in on the adventure of a life time. I respectfully acknowledge the Ngarluma people as the true custodians of the land on which we convened and created. The Vast Project
Have a listen to the song: https://youtu.be/rGj8WP1J6JE