New album!

It has been a long time between updates, but there is definitely a lot going on! New Buffalo is currently recording a new album with producer Franc Tetaz (Architecture in Helsinki, Gotye).

This week Sally has been working on vocal takes, and is channeling Daryl Hannah in Splash, Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley, and an unknown woman in Paris with a scarf, for some romantic inspiration!

Those in Sydney can catch New Buffalo performing a rare solo set, which will feature some of her new songs, at Sydney’s Metro Theatre on Monday June 8. The performance is part of a benefit evening to raise funds for Sydney radio station FBi.

Sally will soon be speaking with Franc Tetaz at Amplified Sounds of Tasmaina, an event hosted by Arts Tasmania. The seminar topic is ‘The Song Writer and the Producer’ and it will take place in the Function Room at Irish Murphy’s, Salamanca Place, Hobart, from 4.10-5.10pm on Saturday July 18

Also, New Buffalo features as a guest vocalist on the beautiful debut album We Need to Talk by Jessica Says.

Whilst on the topic of other beautiful artists, we’ve heard that Bon Iver has recently performed New Buffalo’s ‘Emotional Champ’ while on tour in the US. If anyone was at Bon Iver’s performance at Cape Cinema in Dennis, MA on Monday May 11, we’d love to hear from you!

Sally Seltmann – Appetite

We are excited to announce that New Buffalo will be performing live as part of the upcoming theatre production Appetite.

Directed by Kate Denborough, and combining original live music from New Buffalo with text from award-winning playwright Ross Mueller [No Man’s Land, The Store Room], and featuring a fusion of dance, theatre and visual design, Appetite promises to be a sensory feast.

Appetite is the story of a successful woman on the eve of her 39th birthday.
Ambushed by her own sense of disquiet, she invites her closest family and friends to dinner but – as the night progresses, and realising that her hunger for life, for lust, for sensation has disappeared – she is inspired to change.

New Buffalo fans in Melbourne, Australia are in for a real treat, as Appetite will be staged as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival in October. Check out the TOURS page for performance dates and ticketing info.

Breakthrough Songwriter

Sally Seltmann has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Breakthrough Songwriter of the Year’ by the Australasian Performing Rights Association. Congratulations to all of the winners on the evening. You can read more about it here.

Song of the Year

1234 is up for the ‘Song of the Year’ award at the 2008 APRA [Australian Performing Rights Association] Awards. Thanks to Feist for recording such a wonderful version of the song. You can read more about it here.

In other news, Sally is working on songs for her new album, and will be involved in a live theatre production later on during the year. Stay tuned for more info.

Australian Music Prize/Myspace Award

We are delighted to announce that New Buffalo’s second album ’Somewhere, anywhere’ has won the Myspace Public Vote, entitling her to $50,000 worth of promotional support from Myspace. A huge thanks to those who took the time to vote in the poll, and also to the Australian Music Prize, and MySpace. Additional thanks to those who came to New Buffalo’s recent shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Extra love to Jessica and Raquel who make up New Buffalo’s All Girl Band.

Cheer Me Up Thank You on Grey’s Anatomy

For Australian audiences, New Buffalo’s ’Cheer Me Up Thank You’ is featured on the upcoming episode of Grey’s Anatomy, airing on Sunday March 30. The synch is the latest in a string of excellent song writing achievements for New Buffalo, which have seen her talents featured on Underbelly, One Tree Hill, and the current Organ & Tissue Donation campaign for Donate West.