Reminiscing about ‘Harmony to My Heart Beat’

26 Sep 2011

Sally’s film clip for ‘Harmony To My Heart Beat’ can be seen on Blackberry Smartphones in stores all around the world. When you check out the phone, you can check out the clip! Below, Sally reminisces about making the ‘Harmony To My Heart Beat’ clip. Sally also shares some behind-the-scenes photos with you…

Shooting the clip for ‘Harmony To My Heart Beat’ was an incredibly fun ‘work’ day for me! Clip director Antoung Nguyen and I wanted the clip to feel relaxed and natural, so we pretty much hosted a real pool party. My friends Architecture In Helsinki, Jens Lekman, Jessica Venables and Tim Harvey all feature in the clip.

I played a short solo set on an old Rhodes piano, then it was time for swimming, cake and dancing! It was an amazing day, and I felt really lucky to be able to work with Moopjaw on making such a memorable film clip.