Sally Seltmann – Appetite

1 Aug 2008

We are excited to announce that New Buffalo will be performing live as part of the upcoming theatre production Appetite.

Directed by Kate Denborough, and combining original live music from New Buffalo with text from award-winning playwright Ross Mueller [No Man’s Land, The Store Room], and featuring a fusion of dance, theatre and visual design, Appetite promises to be a sensory feast.

Appetite is the story of a successful woman on the eve of her 39th birthday.
Ambushed by her own sense of disquiet, she invites her closest family and friends to dinner but – as the night progresses, and realising that her hunger for life, for lust, for sensation has disappeared – she is inspired to change.

New Buffalo fans in Melbourne, Australia are in for a real treat, as Appetite will be staged as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival in October. Check out the TOURS page for performance dates and ticketing info.