Night Bird – second single from ‘Early Moon’

20 Jul 2022

Night Bird is out today!

When I was living in Silver Lake, Los Angeles a few years ago – in a small house on a hill – there was a loud, chirping bird in the garden. It would only start up when it was dark, and it would keep me awake all night!

I called it the Night Bird, and I wrote this song in it’s honour. 

I would always imagine how free it must have felt under moonlight and stars, as I’d lie in bed starring at the dark ceiling, my worries tangled up inside my mind.

And that was what became one of the main sentiments of the song. Our shared desire to be free. “Free like the wind in the trees.”

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Night Bird

Written by Sally Seltmann

Keyboards and vocals by Sally Seltmann

Produced and mixed by Darren Seltmann

Mastered by Willian Bowden

Photo by Darren Seltmann

Early Moon is out August 2nd.

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