Bernard Zuel, Aug 2022

Quote: “A mood that feels (unfairly) unexpected and yet (unfailingly) exactly what’s necessary”

Double J, Aug 2022

Quote: “From contentment to regret – about being in pursuit of a peaceful mind, paying tribute to young love and following your heart.”

Domain, Aug 2022

Quote: “Her fifth studio album, Early Moon, is everything you’d expect from the singer-songwriter who leans on all shades of light and darkness with her harmonies and introspective lyrics”

Double J, Aug 2022

Quote: “One of our country’s most underrated songwriters”

Beats Per Minute, Aug 2022

Quote: “Seltmann’s sincerity and dedication to her craft remain undeniable. The end result is an album bursting with light, love and hard-earned wisdom. “

All Music, Aug 2022

Quote: “As comforting and lovingly crafted as anything she has released”

Northern Transmissions, Jul 2022

Quote: “Australian singer/songwriter Sally Seltmann releases new album Early Moon on August 2″

Flood Magazine, Mar 2022

Quote: “Sally Seltmann Delves Into the Sentiment of Female Friendships on “Please Louise””

Ausrom Today, May 2018

Quote: “Lovesome follows the story of Joni Johnson who leads a rather bohemian lifestyle, working in a romantic French restaurant by day and setting up an easel in her backyard bungalow in the evenings.”

Frankie Magazine, June 2018

Quote: “I always loved the ebb and flow of an empty restaurant when the staff arrive for their shift, followed by full tables of colourful diners, and then the knock­off drinks, where the staff let off steam and have a bit of fun.”

Librarians Choice, May 2018

Quote: Top 10 book in May 2018, as voted by Australian Librarians

Mrs B’s Book Reviews, June 2016

Quote: “A strong character driven story, it centres on a sweet lead, twenty one year old art school graduate Joni and a cast of eclectic friends, colleagues and love interests who colour her life.”

The Book Muse, June 2018

Quote: “Part romance, part literary and part coming of age, Lovesome is the kind of novel where the people you thought would fall in love, don’t, and where the falling in love happens when and where you least expect it to. “

Sydney Morning Herald, May 2016

Quote: “Sally Seltmann is back from Los Angeles but her life is very trans-Pacific.”

Fashion Journal, May 2016

Quote: “It’s an introspective hero song about honoring the beauty in your own madness.”

Refinery 29

Quote: “Sally Seltmann’s ‘Billy’ remix is what refreshing sounds like.”


4 Stars
Quote: ‘Cool intelligent songs, quirkily orchestrated, sung in a clipped, chaste vocal’

Sydney Morning Herald

Quote: ‘Sally Seltmann tends to influence other more than she realises.’

Rolling Stone

Quote: ‘Hey Daydreamer is a beguiling listen, a pop album with a vibrant twist, embellished by dream-like string arrangements, horns and percussion.’


Quote: ‘Imagine the bubbly soundtrack to a mermaid fantasy movie and you’ve probably hit the nail on the sweet, tuneful head…’


Quote: ‘A pretty and unique record (and pretty unique too.) Hey Daydreamer works on all levels…’

Maximum Ink

Quote: ‘Spring-loaded poems nurturing jump rope jaunts and lavish magical lullabies through spotless chamber pop chops, Seltmann’s ambitious wishes and sparkling self-reflection colours the greyest days…’

The AU Review

8.5 out of 10
Quote: ‘Hey Daydreamer…is a treasure, stuffed full of indie pop gems.’

The Brag

4 stars
Quote: ‘Seltmann has crafted songs of witty stories and characters with a sound that sweeps you up, and before long you’re lost in the album’.

Renowned For Sound

4 stars
Quote: ‘Sally manages to create various sceneries throughout the album, with flourishing melodies on a number of instruments surrounding her gorgeous voice.’

Music Feeds

Quote: ‘Hey Daydreamer never sounds frosty, instead it feels like creeping sunlight, masterfully created and delivered with heart on sleeve.’

The Brag – Live Show Review

Quote: ‘…Seltmann shines in what she does.’

Indie Rock Reviews

Quote: “This one is definitely going to remain on my iPod/iTunes Library forever. It’s a classic.”

Indie Rock Reviews

Quote: “I was obsessed with what makes a song a ‘classic’ song, that lots of people can relate to.”

Washington City Paper

Quote: “The album is a huge leap forward.”

Time Out

Quote: “Seltmann’s clearly been thrashing her 1967-era Fabs of late, with arrangements worthy of George Martin at his most playful.”

Chart Attack

Quote: “I think of how Feist changed my song and that made me more open to reworking songs and making them different.”

Paste Magazine

Quote: “… a testimony to The Ronettes.”

Self-Titled Mag

Quote: “The confidence shows.”


Quote: “Third full-length from the Australian singer-songwriter formerly known as New Buffalo. She co-wrote Feist’s ‘1234’, which you may have heard at some point.”


Quote: “…brings to mind Belle and Sebastian at their most ’60s-pop-influenced.”

Mess + Noise

Quote: “Sparse percussion, muted keys, breathy vocals – these are the unassuming foundations upon which Sally Seltmann’s wall of sound is built.”


Quote: “Unconventional approaches to writing and recording music are paying off for singer songwriter Sally Seltmann.”

The Daily Telegraph

Quote: “As diverse and soulful as her musical style, this singer’s compilation of paraphernalia is a medley of optimistic, fun and sentimental elements.”