‘Please Louise’ Music Video

6 Apr 2022

We made a music video for ‘Please Louise’! 
Directed by the legendary Alexander O. Smith, we started by sending visual references back and forth. A bit of Cindy Sherman in the 70s, some film noir stills, and ‘Downtown’ by Petula Clarke.

The video was shot in one take using old video cameras and analogue machines. It felt like we were doing live theatre, in a good way. All the crew members had their jobs. Moving a screen across at a certain time,  slowly pulling up a strip of broken hearts, or filming all the TV monitors where different cameras captured different angles of me in front of altered backgrounds – including models of buildings from New York. Phew! I loved it every minute of it.
I hope you enjoy it.

Watch the ‘Please Louise’ on the Videos page.

The talented team who made the video are listed below.

Alexander O. Smith: Director, Producer, Camera, Set Designer
Toby Farrington: Camera Assist, Set Construction
Riley McCullagh: Digital Intermediate Technician, Live VFX Technician
Astrid Clark: Production Assistant
Nick Allen: Production Assistant
Victoria Walton: Hair & Makeup