Your Energy – New song out today!

9 Feb 2023

My new song ‘Your Energy’ is out today! Stream it on all music services. Listen to ‘Your Energy’ on Spotify

‘Your Energy’ is a song about the importance of humans connecting with each other, and with nature. It was inspired by my conversation on the Podsongs podcast with Tom Oliver, Professor of Ecology at Reading University, and author of The Self Delusion.

‘Your Energy’ was recorded in Sydney, Australia and Vallo della Lucania, Italy, at Goldmine Studios.

The Podsongs team includes Maurizio Sarnicola Massimino Voza Luigi Falcione

And the studio in Italy where a lot of the song was recorded is Goldmine Records

Thank you to Jack Stafford for inviting me to be part of this amazing project, and for contributing to the songwriting!

It’s my first ever song with spoken word, and I actually made that section of the song up on the spot, recording it all in the first take. I am now Sally Seltmann – singer-songwriter / composer / producer / author / freestyler. (haha)
You can hear my interview with Tom Oliver and Jack Stafford on Jack’s podcast Podsongs

I hope you enjoy the song and many thanks for your support. xx